PEN-Streetwise Projects reaches out to orphaned, vulnerable and street children, reconciling them where possible, with their families. Alternatively, children who do not have access to family, parents or caring adults, are offered care and support at the Leratong Child and Youth care Center.

PEN Streetwise Project received R15,000 from StreetSmart Pretoria, towards a social worker salary.


Feedback from PEN Projects

When StreetSmart grants financial support towards the salary of a social worker, the objective includes and aligns with the provision of social and emotional support to children and to enable them to become self-sufficient adults.

The advantage of having a social worker on staff, can deliver the some of the following outcomes:

  • All of our children have had regular 1:1 therapy sessions with our social worker.
  • The children also took part in weekly group therapy sessions that addressed life skills like: peer pressure, dealing with conflict, self-awareness etc.
  • Some of the younger children benefitted from play therapy sessions.
  • House parents receive coaching on parenting skills from our social worker.
  • Regular meetings are held between the house parents, social worker and children’s teachers to ensure the children are receiving the support they need.
  • Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) are created for the children in their matric year. This becomes a working document to help them think through what they would like to do in future and what they need to do to get there.
  • Children in matric also go for a career assessment with psychologist so they can have a realistic view of their career options.
  • Of the four children who were in matric last year, all have moved out of the homes and are either working, studying or both this year. We remain in close contact with them.


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