Bright Lights is registered as a Drop-in Centre as well as a Child and Youth Care Centre for high risk and street children. Their objective is to reunify children with their family or significant others, and reintegrate the children back into society in the Helderberg basin.


Feedback from Bright Lights:

25 children (ages 9 to 17 years) benefitted from the services at Bright Lights. Ten children were successfully re-unified with their parents or significant others and we are expecting another 4 children to be moved back to their families before the end of December 2018.

We received a child that ran away from home due to the lack of a relationship with his step-mother who was abusing alcohol. Initially he presented with various behavioural challenges. It was found that he had a passion for playing soccer and this, therefore, was used as a method of communicating (as a metaphor) with him. During an outreach session with the local soccer club, the head coach identified him as showing raw talent and subsequently started involving him in training sessions. Soon he started playing at an amateur level for the club’s first team – it is worth mentioning that he is 17 years old and his team mates 25+. After various family sessions his relationship with his father and stepmother has significantly improved. He has, however, moved in with another family to allow him to continue with his soccer (where the father stays, unfortunately, are no soccer clubs or work opportunities). We have received the news that he won an award at the soccer club for Player of the Year.

StreetSmart Helderberg provided Bright Lights with a R60,000 disbursement towards a social worker salary and related transport costs.


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