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Cheslyn’s story (while this story of the young boy that was helped is true, his name has been changed in order to protect his identity)

Cheslyn never knew his biological father. He was raised by his mother, who as most single parents, struggled to balance working to earn money and taking good care of her children.

As the youngest child, Cheslyn could not wait to go to school. He was progressing well in the Grade R class. Then tragedy struck. His mother passed away unexpectedly after a sudden illness. As a five year old, Cheslyn was not allowed to visit the hospital nor attend his mother’s funeral. The day after the funeral, the family was split up and siblings informally cared for by various family members. As the youngest, Cheslyn went to live with his maternal grandmother.

Some 6 years later, at age eleven in Grade 4, Cheslyn had transformed into a defiant and angry boy. Teachers laid repeated complaints of challenging behaviour, as he fought with all his peers and teachers. The constant fighting became self-defeating and he resorted to repeated absconding. He dropped out of school early in 2017.

As a recent drop-out, Cheslyn was referred by the school to Masizame, Plettenberg Bay. He is a regular at the Drop-In Centre and attended life-skills programs. Counseling sessions were held with both the child and the extended family, and grief counselling assisted both Cheslyn and his grandmother to have closure over the death of his mother.  

Once the teachers understood the history of the child, they have agreed to Cheslyn re-enrolling for school in 2018, and Masizame will continue individual check-in sessions on a bi-weekly basis. This initiative was made possible with the funding grant from StreetSmart South Africa. 



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