StreetSmart SA, is dedicated to helping street children rebuild their lives through donations from restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting venues in the Western Cape, Garden Route, Gauteng and KZN, has handed over R35,000 to their George beneficiary for 2019.

This grand effort is part of the total StreetSmart allocation of R1,7 million distributed nationally for 2019 to organisations working with children at risk of becoming street children.

Anele Ngoyo and Jonathan Gelderblom Kidstop with Melanie WP 
l.t.r. Anele Ngoyo and Jonathan Gelderblom (Kidstop) with Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA)

The George beneficiary is Kidstop, and the funds donated will be utilised towards the salary of the child and youth care worker. “The many tiny drops of your StreetSmart donations cause a ripple effect. One child enabled to return home or to school is a child who grows up to be a useful adult and our organisation helps many such children. Thank you for your support of our work,” said Anele Ngoyo the child and youth care worker at Kidstop. The StreetSmart funds were handed over at an event held at The Fat Fish George Restaurant.

Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA with Verusca Venter WP 
l.t.r. Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) and Verusca Venter (Coordinator StreetSmart George)

“I love StreetSmart and helping children. It is such a privilege to support such a worthy cause here in George and I would like to encourage restaurants and accommodation establishments in the area to be part of the solution to helping street children,” said Verusca Venter, Coordinator of StreetSmart George. She leads the small committee of volunteers who further the work of StreetSmart in George and invites interested individuals to become part of this local initiative to further relationships with local partners and recruit new ones.

The six establishments running StreetSmart in George are:

 Melanie Burke with George fundraising partners WP  Melanie Burke with the Fat Fish Team in George WP
l.t.r. Melanie Burke, Anje Britz (101 Meade), Sandra & Michael Cook (Malvern Manor) and Johan Kamffer (The Fat Fish)    |      The Fat Fish Restaurant Team

 Find the complete list of StreetSmart’s George fundraising partners here:

   20181128 164938 WP  HI RES 1012 WP  HI RES 1014 WP  HI RES 1020 WP  HI RES 1021 WP  Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA Sandra Michael Cook WP    

 Photos by Gerrit Wilsdorf | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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