The StreetSmart Franschhoek beneficiary for next year is The Kusasa Project, assisting Franschhoek children in need by providing support, encouragement and the environment to learn in a safe, stimulating setting. The StreetSmart funds were handed over at an event held at Bread & Wines Restaurant on Môreson Wine Farm.

Bread Wines Restaurant Team with Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA

The longest participating StreetSmart Franschhoek restaurant: The Bread & Wines Restaurant Team, with Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) 

There are currently 5 establishments in Franschhoek that have embraced StreetSmart’s vision to make a real difference to the lives of street children or children at risk of living on the streets.

Funds are raised by adding a R5 donation to each patron’s bill. This donation is voluntary and donors are able to contribute more if they wish to. With this generous gesture, StreetSmart establishments and their guests are making a real difference to the lives of vulnerable and street children in their local communities.

Click here for the list of our StreetSmart Franschhoek partners.

l.t.r. Reinette Retief StreetSmart SA Inge Agenbach The Franschhoek Beerhouse Co Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA and Bernadene Adams The Fransch 

Also attending the StreetSmart Franschhoek Handover event was fundraising partner, The Beerhouse Co.
l.t.r. Reinette Retief (StreetSmart SA), Inge Agenbach (The Franschhoek Beerhouse Co), Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) and Bernadene Adams (The Franschhoek Beerhouse Co)

 l.t.r. Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA Mari Louise Raymond James Turner The Kusasa Project  

l.t.r. Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) handing over the StreetSmart funds raised in Franschhoek to Mari-Louise Raymond & James Turner (The Kusasa Project)

“At The Kusasa Project we try and create a safe space for children, but this is only possible with support such as this wonderful donation from StreetSmart. We see the impact of their financial support daily in our teaching and interaction with our learners. We are very grateful for all involved to make the employment of a social worker possible. Thank you!” said Mari-Louise Raymond of The Kusasa Project.

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Photographs by : Marlene de Villiers Photography


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100% of donations in partner restaurants go to children’s programmes and none for administrative costs. GIVE RESPONSIBLY.