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A funeral service for Annette will be held at Christ the King Catholic Church in Pinelands, on Saturday, 08 September 2018, at 11h00. 
There will be a tea afterwards.


Obituary by Margi Biggs, Founder of StreetSmart SA:

Annette was the most instrumental board member when it came to the decision to start StreetSmart. She served on the board from the inception of StreetSmart until her passing.

When I returned from London in 2004, having found the concept which was the key to how StreetSmart raised funds through restaurants, I approached Annette first, to gauge the temperature for acceptance, amongst the beneficiary community, who work with street children.

I had never met her before and was somewhat intimidated.  This didn’t last long when I realised how committed she was to the upliftment of the children who found themselves on the street.

She looked at the challenges in a practical way. She was not impressed by the usual pc speak that goes around many NGO circles. She believed in getting the job done and did not mince her words when she thought we needed to consider what we were doing, differently.  This was extremely valuable to the board.

It was as a result of Annette’s connection, that The Arch agreed to become the patron of StreetSmart, early on in our existence. This gave us the credibility we needed to be accepted as bona fide, by many of our supporters.

It was as a result of Annette’s participation on our board that, I believe, the beneficiaries took our approaches to them seriously.  They trusted her through evaluation of their projects.  This allowed us to confidently hand the publics’ funds over to these beneficiaries for the 12 years, that she did the evaluations. This was time consuming, selfless and valuable work.

Annette was a contributor.  She took her role on the Board of StreetSmart seriously.  Even when her health started to fail she continued to show interest in the work and would attend the meetings that she was able to.

As the founder of StreetSmart I am grateful to her for her enormous contribution to the organisation and the work that has been done by her in the founding and growth of StreetSmart. She will be sorely missed as a sound and clear thinker on the board. Her knowledge and experience cannot be replaced.

On a personal level I will miss Annette, my friend with whom I could laugh, have serious conversations and know that she was always there for me.

Rest in Peace, Annette, yours was a valuable life, well lived.

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