StreetSmart SA in association with our sponsor Securistore, took to the seas to “race with purpose.”   

Securistore, owned by Richard Burnett, has been sponsoring StreetSmart’s storage needs since 2016 and is a well-established mini-storage business in Cape Town, with branches in Observatory, Maitland and Tokai. Richard, a member of the Cape Royal Yacht Club, and his crew have adopted StreetSmart SA to sail for, and they have proudly earned second place in the 180 mile race to Elands Bay and back, in November 2017. StreetSmart was on the podium!

Our Chairman, Melanie Burke, has recently accepted the challenge to go sailing on the StreetSmart Carousel with Richard to earn her own sailing shirt. Melanie is not comfortable on water at all and she had to overcome her personal challenge of finding her sea-legs on board. A fundraiser appropriately titled: “Sealegs”, was initiated by Melanie to encourage her to go on board the yacht.

Sealegs Fundraiser 2

It was an exhilarating experience and Melanie “found” her sea-legs ánd earned her StreetSmart Carousel sailing shirt. StreetSmart SA and Securistore are looking at ways to collaborate regularly in future. #sailingforsomething 




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