In September 2014, a 2-year-old, healthy boy was found alone on a Saturday morning by the police outside the local welfare office. As he needed a place to stay urgently, he was taken to one of our Home from Home houses as a place of safety. He had no identification documents or clothing with him, only the items he was wearing.


The local social workers tried to find out who he was by advertising in the local newspapers, but no one knew him or where he came from and no biological family members came forward. Since there was no other option for him, he has stayed at our foster home since then and instead of being left on the streets - a dangerous situation to be in for such a young child, he is in a loving, caring home.

He loves Rynette, his foster mom and sees her as his mother and has also bonded well with the four other children in the home. It is wonderful to see him as part of a family.


He will be starting crèche next year, so rather than staying on the streets, alone and at risk to being taken by people who may be abusive, he is safe and cared for and has the opportunity to be stimulated in terms of his cognitive growth, develop healthily and have a better future ahead of him.

Emily Partridge, Winelands Social Worker


Feel Good Story - Home from Home





Fun, Fun Fun!

Some joyful moments at the StreetSmart Children’s Party, held at TLC Outreach Projects, to celebrate our 10th Birthday.

Huge applause and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our sponsors:

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                                                                                watch this video


On 20 May 2015 StreetSmart SA's Vice Chairman, Nils Heckser shared our story with the Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3. Please take a minute to view the video above. 


We would like to thank Nils Hecksher, Gerrit Bruwer (co-owner: La Mouette Restaurant), Dawie Marais (social worker: Cape Town Multi Service Centre) for participating. A special thanks to Marcus Schumacher for creating the video clip and the Expresso Morning Show Team on SABC 3 for sharing our story with South Africa.



 StreetSmart South Africa paid tribute to the generosity of international companies that had decided to give back within the SA context, on International Day for Street Children, Sunday 12 April.  A sponsored function was held at one of the StreetSmart restaurants, the Grand Café in Cape Town. Trevor Fernandes , Managing Director of Wildlife Safari from Australia, and Representatives of the International Luxury Travel Show (ILTM) were recognised for the R25,000 in donations that each have made to StreetSmart last week.

  DSC 0579 WP

Margi Biggs (Founder of StreetSmart SA) and Trevor Fernandes (MD of Wildlife Safari),
                            Natalie Weatherer (ILTM) and Marco Balia (ILTM)

 Fernandes, who has over forty years' experience in the African inbound travel industry, is currently in South Africa for the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) event. The ILTM is an annual showcase of the very best in luxury product, and each year invite and host noteworthy travel buyers from around the World to this exclusive event. A supporter of StreetSmart SA, Fernandes requested that the money the ILTM had designated to spend on hosting him, be donated to StreetSmart SA instead – an amount which he then personally  matched. He believes that the initiative goes a long way in making a difference in the lives of street children, and comments: "What StreetSmart SA is doing is fantastic. By providing a means of funding other organisations that support, educate and rehabilitate street children, it essentially gives people a responsible means of helping those who cannot help themselves. I firmly believe that we should each do what we can to contribute to the upliftment of others."

In South Africa, the growing number of children who live on the streets is concerning. While there are many reasons that these children end up in this position, and compassion is natural and encouraged, Founder of StreetSmart SA, Margi Biggs explains that giving them money directly is not the answer: "The exploitation of street children is rife. Many impoverished youngsters are used by adults and forced to beg in order to get money – sometimes for food, sometimes for drugs or alcohol. While the urge to give these children money is understandable, it in fact makes begging a viable alternative to seeking proper help and can only perpetuate the poverty and abuse cycle."

DSC 0424 a WP DSC 0560 a WP

Biggs adds: "We are truly grateful to Trevor and ILTM for this kind donation. It will go a long way in helping these children off of the streets and guiding them towards a brighter, sustainable future."



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Did you know!

Your donation to StreetSmart can be offset against your tax.

Should you need a tax receipt, please request one from our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A message from our founding Patron

The Arch and more kids LOW RES
"It gives me great pleasure to support StreetSmart South Africa.  So when you are enjoying an evening out with good foods, good wine and good company, reflect on how your life is enriched.  Then do a kind thing.  Give to StreetSmart.  God bless you."

Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus

Founding Patron of StreetSmart South Africa


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