Anele's Story

Anele, a Xhosa speaking Grade 2 learner, started with the StreetSmart - Klipfontein Primary School Aftercare Programme at the end of March 2015. Because he struggled with the basic concepts of English, he struggled with the majority of his subjects.

Due to the language barrier, it was extremely challenging to communicate with this learner. He was shy and withdrawn, lacked self-confidence and did not participate in class or group activities. As a result of the concerted efforts and six months of intensive individual attention of the aftercare teachers in liaison with Anele's class teacher, he made good progress and is now able to express himself in a second language.

Anele has gained confidence, is a much happier boy and since he now has a good grasp of English, he participates in class and group activities. Nowadays, according to his Grade 2 class teacher, he wants to be heard!


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