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In November 2015, John's mother become worried about her child after he was spending more and more time on the streets with his friends. John was regularly missing school and the signs were pointing towards her child dropping out completely. Although reserved, he had become particularly defiant and unresponsive to his mother and confiding more and more in his 'gang' on the streets. John's mother decided enough was enough and she sought assistance from the Masizame Drop-In Centre. An early intervention plan was formulated and put into action by the Drop-In team. The team counselled John's mother and registered John into the StreetSmart BTS (Back to School) Programme for 2015. 


John responded well to the programme and to the change in his schooling environment. Regular feedback from the Harkerville teachers indicates that John is well mannered and compliant. We are confident that John will complete the academic year and positive about his chances of completing matric should he continue to receive the necessary support. He is an avid soccer player and was selected as captain of the school soccer team. Although still a shy and withdrawn child, when he plays soccer he comes alive! He has been able to translate this confidence on the field into the classroom performance, producing great academic results. John is a testament to successful early intervention. Thank you StreetSmart for making an impact in the life of a vulnerable child!



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The Arch and more kids LOW RES
"It gives me great pleasure to support StreetSmart South Africa.  So when you are enjoying an evening out with good foods, good wine and good company, reflect on how your life is enriched.  Then do a kind thing.  Give to StreetSmart.  God bless you."

Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus

Founding Patron of StreetSmart South Africa


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