In September 2014, a 2-year-old, healthy boy was found alone on a Saturday morning by the police outside the local welfare office. As he needed a place to stay urgently, he was taken to one of our Home from Home houses as a place of safety. He had no identification documents or clothing with him, only the items he was wearing.


The local social workers tried to find out who he was by advertising in the local newspapers, but no one knew him or where he came from and no biological family members came forward. Since there was no other option for him, he has stayed at our foster home since then and instead of being left on the streets - a dangerous situation to be in for such a young child, he is in a loving, caring home.

He loves Rynette, his foster mom and sees her as his mother and has also bonded well with the four other children in the home. It is wonderful to see him as part of a family.


He will be starting crèche next year, so rather than staying on the streets, alone and at risk to being taken by people who may be abusive, he is safe and cared for and has the opportunity to be stimulated in terms of his cognitive growth, develop healthily and have a better future ahead of him.

Emily Partridge, Winelands Social Worker


Feel Good Story - Home from Home



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The Arch and more kids LOW RES
"It gives me great pleasure to support StreetSmart South Africa.  So when you are enjoying an evening out with good foods, good wine and good company, reflect on how your life is enriched.  Then do a kind thing.  Give to StreetSmart.  God bless you."

Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus

Founding Patron of StreetSmart South Africa


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