StreetSmart is a community initiative.

StreetSmart raises funds in partnership with restaurants, accommodation establishments, and wine tasting venues where you can dine, stay, or taste wine, and donate to help a street child. Every cent donated at a StreetSmart establishment goes to local, carefully selected organisations.

Giving money to a child on the street, keeps the child on the street.

StreetSmart is an easy way to give responsibly.

Be sure to select and donate at a StreetSmart partner establishment the next time you meet with friends for a meal, travel, or go for wine tasting. 

If your favourite restaurant, accommodation establishment, or wine tasting centre is not StreetSmart, ask them why not?

Make sure your StreetSmart donation is reflected on your bill.

R5 at a time, your donations raised R1,695 million in 2018 to directly support vulnerable children within the community where the donations were collected! Read More

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How it works

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StreetSmart SA was established in 2005 and since then we have raised over R7,7 million for the street children, and children at risk. In participating restaurants, with the benefit of a table card, or a reference on the menu, a voluntary R5 is added to the diners’ table bill. From 2018 accommodation establishments and wine estates are also participating in raising funds for their local communities in a responsible manner.

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What restaurateurs say

Chef Greg

"StreetSmart is really a simple thing to do. Easy to set up and put in place, and helping diners to give back to the community in a responsible way" - Chef Gregory at Waterkloof Restaurant

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StreetSmart South Africa

P.O. Box 49
Green Point
8051, Cape Town

100% of donations in partner establishments go to children’s programmes and none for administrative costs. GIVE RESPONSIBLY.